Press Release for 2017 Monaco Fashion Show

29h May 2017

Pisani Maura

“We are  such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep” William Shakespeare.

To this day our life is a meticulous and humble work of discovery. A process of knowledge in which we all try to collect fragments of reality as well as possibilities set aside, banned , removed. Often when asked what is the richest place on earth I have but one answer. It is not Dubai, nor New York,

Certainly not Miami. The graveyard. The graveyard is the richest place on earth. There you will find all the dreams and hopes that were never fulfilled, the songs that were never sung, the dreams that were never realized.

The accessories, clothes and garments of the Pisani Maura 2017  Spring/Summer collection are a reflection of this inner travel. They keep traces of otherness, echoes of unknown spaces, emotions, crossed or imagined. As a fashion brand that has been manufacturing over more than a decade for top Italian luxury brands, at Pisani Maura we felt the need to start this inner travel untying the knots of the soul, to suddenly unfold new unknown emotions. To make a journey we had to leave what we knew in favour of the unexpected encounter that customers represent. We had to give customers all the knowledge that an artisanal based luxury company could provide, while remaining true to everybody’s emotions. Our design should be a balm for everyone’s soul. It should be able to fit into the most unknown recesses of everyone’s personality. A new way to let people be at ease with themselves. It is through the skilful craftsmanship of our team that we decided to unravel the most beautiful dreams with the excellence of exotic leathers, bathing our products into the most precious metals to create a door to our inner selves.

 Our company started humbly with the production of handbag lines designed and thought for the luxury market, but in little over a year the demand for the luxury experience we were able to give our customers made us believe we could have done more than that, and our 14.000 followers on instagram made us believe we were right. As a young brand we have always tried to explore the luxury niche offering and adapting to the digital age thus allowing us to organically increase our reach while maintaining uniqueness and high standards.

We are opening flagship stores in which everyone can choose where their wildest dreams dare to go. Collections such as the Pornograffitti line designed to look at the tradition and fast forward it to the 21st century washing everything in the pop culture we live in, or the classic collections that take names of the Italian cities that inspired those designs. Both men and women can find in our collections a timeless elegance that superior materials, workmanship, along with outstanding personal service can provide. Our goal to achieve ravishing feminine glamour and impeccable masculinity while amplifying individuality.

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