The Anatomy of a Capsule collection high performance oriented return

When the temperatures start dropping, the winter gear comes out: knits, gloves, winter boots, holiday decorations, and of course women’s and men’s winter jackets and parkas.

Pisani Maura this year decided to reprise the much sought-after limited-edition collection Fire $ Ice.

A collection that originated in 2018 and was an instant sensation thanks to its innovative and ground breaking technologically enhanced garments. A careful choice of selected material and a craftsmanship that has reached perfection levels has been the magic mix for this unique collection.

Outfit that could appeal the most demanding customer. A collection stemmed out of a need. The need to impress the professionals of the extreme cold and harsh weathers.

Often the Maison Pisani looks for collaborations to test its innovative creations taking them to the extremes, whilst making sure to find an application with every day use.

This collection originated into the Alpes. A few years back…

Skiing was on a downhill slope in the early 1990s, but thanks to a radical development in product design, the sport was reinvigorated. Today, its revitalisation continues through different means.


 Soaring at adrenaline-boosting speeds, surrounded by blankets of pristine white and sublime mountainous ridges with the bright sun overhead, skiing is a truly special pastime. Today, millions of people from around the globe – and across a broad set of demographics – enjoy the sport. Skiing at the time was on a really big decline – it was really shrinking, and snowboarding was taking all its customers,” Artists the likes of Sebastien "Seppe" Smitsa Belgian professional snowboarder and World Championship medalist, or shaun white an American professional snowboarder with Irish and Italian ancestry best known face in the snowboarding world. For the female collection we thought immediately to Gretchen Bleiler This female professional snowboarder began snowboarding at the age of 11 and aimed to compete at the X Games from a very young age.  Those were the “artists” that would have surely helped us break all the technical barriers that kept us from enticing their interest in our collections. Because one thing is to design to appeal their taste and another is making sure they live and use your garments. 

Major to moderate steeps, perhaps a chute or three, and glades where good carvers can slide between the trees—these are the types of terrain where you’re liable to find expert snowboarders who are looking to ride in ungroomed territory. filled with areas to entice riders seeking extreme terrain.

As an Italian brand we chose an Italian spot, and what spot could be better than Livigno.


Snowboarders congregate at Livigno because of the great food and party quotient is high. This duty-free, high-altitude resort is in northern Italy near the Swiss border. Most of the slopes are wide open, and with the Alta Vatellina lift pass, boarders can explore the slopes around Bormio and Santa Caterina, too. Some of the toughest terrain at Livigno is off the Mottolino gondola.

That would have allowed us to transit on Mont Fort in Verbier, Suisse. One of the most extreme spots for the most extreme among the extremists. We therefore had to reach out and look for a collaboration with those extremists because if our collection was to created it had to be created out of the finest materials and the highest standards to gather the attention of these behemoth of impossible challenges.

We reached out for the very top extremists we could get and along with them develop a collection that could not just be beautiful to the eye, but be on point when our extremist talents are up for business.

This is how a sophisticated and technologically ground breaking collection was given birth.

If they were extreme so should we.

The materials had to span from the finest leathers and furs to ensure resistance, comfort and optimal heat preservation, to the most technologically advanced tech materials able to withstand huge stresses and freezing cold temperatures without having the performer to worry about anything but their performance.

The first choice was fairly easy to make. We would have used leather, not just any but the very best of Italian whole grain leather.


Italian leather is well known in the fashion industry as the very best. One of the reasons Italian leather is so highly regarded is because of its quality. The very best craftsmanship and care goes into manufacturing Italian leather stock than is put into almost any comparable leather product in the world and that means only the best quality hides are used. This could have done to start.

It’s a high-quality material. As we’ve stated over and over – Italian leather is a durable and well-made material. A great deal of craftsmanship is put into making Italian leather products with the highest standards.

Besides Italian Leather is made to last. When compared to other types of leather, Italian leather is the most long-lasting. It can withstand everyday wear and tear, with most nicks and scratches being easily wiped away.

Only all natural vegetable and plant based extracts are used by craftsmen to manufacture Italian leather. Because it isn’t mass produced it takes much longer to make than the cheaper factory made alternatives.

In essence it’s Timeless Fashion! You’ll see Italian leather on the most exclusive fashion runways. This material practically drips style and sophistication, and it continues to be, one of the most well-loved materials in fashion design.


Lambskin linings. Portable insulation systems have been developed in ancient times in the form of clothes and other apparel made from animal skin. In this regard, one of the most popular insulation systems used before, which is still being used today, is natural lambskin. Lambskin has an extensive history of being used on clothes, particularly as fleece sweaters, shoe or boot insole linings, sheepskin liner, and many others. There are several reasons why a sheepskin liner remains one of the most popular must-have accessories used by people.

It can keep you insulated, thereby helping prevent temperature-related diseases.

Sheepskin lining can draw our moisture from your skin. Since it has lanolin, the leather naturally kills microbes. These are only some of the health benefits of sheepskin.

Animal Furs. The most obvious benefit is the incredible warmth that real fur offers.  It provides you with unmatched heat retention when compared to synthetic materials and is ideal for extreme cold.

Real fur is extremely durable and long lasting, making it a good investment for winter cold protection

Unlike some other trendy pieces of clothing, real fur coats are always in style which makes them a great timeless addition to your wardrobe

Fur coats enhance your wardrobe with their comfortable and stylish designs

Quality fur is soft and feels great against your skin, making a fur coat a very comfortable choice for your wardrobe.

Lastly, a real fur coat will give you the confidence to get out and deal with winter in style and comfort

So there you have the top benefits of real fur, which can make winter much more tolerable. Winter can be cold and very uncomfortable, but that does not mean you have to be afraid of winter or the polar vortex.


Goose feathers. Using only the highest quality goose down in all of our products, The Maison Pisani tests each lot of down at three stages of production for loftiness, moisture resistance and ability to regain loft after compression.

The fill power of goose down is an indicator of two important features: warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility, both critical to retain warmth and furnish comfort. True fill power is measured by placing one ounce of goose down in a graduated cylinder and measuring the volume the down occupies in cubic inches.

The ultimate benefits range from superior warmth and comfort, Lightweight insulation, to Increased loft than lesser fill downs (900 + 800 only)and along with the highest quality chosen, high-fill power goose down.

Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is, at its most basic level, a membrane that stops liquid water but allows vapor to pass through. This means Gore-Tex keeps you dry from not just the falling rain, but also the water vapor you make while sweating.

The membrane itself made from an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene fibre (also known as Teflon). The stretching of this polymer forms a microporous material with over 9 million pores per square inch. This membrane is bonded with fabrics in a number of ways to make them completely waterproof and windproof.


 Gore-Tex is chiefly used to make performance clothing and footwear, such as ski jackets, lightweight shells, and hiking boots. Its performance in harsh weather conditions makes Gore-Tex almost synonymous with outdoor culture. Pisani makes use of this technology to create the most lightweight and performance driven fabrics they can for its outdoor products.

Ultra-Tek™ materials. Pisani Maura has introduced adaptive protective clothing under cold weather. There are several kinds of smart fabrics and textiles which have been used to protect people from cold weather, including breathable fabrics, far-infrared fabrics, and other intelligent textiles. Shape-memory polymers have been used as adaptive textiles under cold conditions as well. Phase-change materials (PCMs), substances with a high latency,

Maison Pisani has invested enormously into the research and development bringing the future of smart clothing for cold weather conditions to be consolidated by the integration of new materials and new technologies.


As Gretchen puts it

“You don’t wake up and say, today I’m going to be more creative. You do the things you love to do and try to get at their essence and allow things to emerge.”





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