How it works

A modern approach to buying, selling and sharing in luxury.

We decided to pioneer with our Collectibles and NFTs productions.

We have bridged the gap between Fashion, art and technology.

We, like you, have a love for items that have something special about them. Which is why we’ve created a number of ways to open up the collectors’ market.

Thanks to our industry expertize, we’re able to source pieces that play very hard to get and make them accessible to you. Pisani Maura has been created for ease, efficiency and elegance – whether you’re here to buy, sell, or share.



The Marketplace is a joy for buyers. Our in-house team of experts have mobilised their industry contacts, resulting in a beautiful curation of collectible pieces. Whether you’re into art, design, jewellery, fashion, watches, cars, whisky, wine, or all of the above, it’s likely you’ll find it here on Pisani Maura’s luxury pages. And if not, our experts should be able to source something for you. Get in touch with our concierge who can help with your requests.

Look out for several exclusive collection launches throughout the year, connecting all luxury categories and themed to spark imagination and interest across the board.



How it works

In order to get these collectible items you must have the related NFT.

NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens, and is a digital exclusive ownership certificate.

An NFT insures you are the only person or one of an extremely limited number of people to possess a certain product.

Be it sneakers, handbags, Jackets or art pieces, those items can only be obtained by buying the underlying NFT that certifies through the crypto chain the rights of ownership.

The owners of the Pisani Maura NFT from our Nifty Gateway, drop will be able to redeem the limited edition physical products.

We are leaving a window of 6 weeks prior to redemption, to allow the resale market to try to acquire these legendary NFTs.

Once the 6 weeks window is over, We will be sending a redemption email to the owner of the NFT’s to claim their product. The form will allow you to select all the relevant specifications available such as size or dimensions and any other defining element

The collectibles are all handcrafted in our workshops in Italy. As these are bespoke products, Once redeemed expect a 8-12 week delivery, free shipping.


For redemption support, email:





Non Fungible Tokens Collectibles Q & A

Q : Do ALL open editions NFT come with a physical product?
A : YES, ALL of them. Everybody gets a product !!!

Q : How do I get the physical product ?
A : Go to for more information regarding redemption.

Q: How long can I wait to redeem the physical product?
A : 6 weeks, time to allow for some secondary market sales.

Q : Can I get a physical product if I don’t own the NFT ?
A : You can’t and will never be able to get a physical if not an owner of the matching NFT. We consider the NFT as the “BLUEPRINT” 🌐 the access key to unlock a physical twin.

Q : If I don’t redeem it in 6 weeks, what happens ?
A : We are limiting to 6 weeks for the initial NFT owners as making high quality collectible products takes time and is a real logistic process.
In the future, we will unlock timed ‘Forging events’ for the NFT owners to unlock physical pairs. We believe NFT as blueprint and physical goods forging events are the future of digital and physical goods collectibles. If you own the NFT we will be in touch over email soon.

Q : If I don’t redeem it in 6 weeks, what happens ?

All collectible products are unique works of art, only the very best quality materials are used. All products are made by expert craftsmen using the best of traditional and high end techniques.

Q : How long till they ship once redeemed ?
A : 6-8 weeks, Worldwide free shipping premium service.

Q : Is the NFT mint # related to the physical product ?
A : The physical item will be linked to the mint #

Q : What are we buying here, the NFT or the Physical ?
A : The main asset is the NFT, it’s like the mould, the blueprint. Without the NFT you can’t get access to physicals. Physicals are atoms, dope atoms, that we include as a great artefact collectible.

Q : What comes in the box ?
A :

- A dope box
- Physical product
- Certificate of Authentication / Special display.

Each Pisani Maura rarity comes with unique items and goodies, different for each item.

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