Pisani Maura philosophy is to give life to unique creations, conceived for the discerning few, interpreting and translating the art world into wearable garments, exploring very popular art forms and aesthetics. A vehicle for self-expression, and creativity, especially in lifestyle. An extraordinary ability to delve into the most sophisticated and eccentric contemporary lifestyle. If like us, you don't just like art, but feel it is a fundamental part of everyday life, or prefer to avoid conformity and standards. A brand that strives constantly to create garments that can compliment your personality and reflect your opinions and choices. Based on the designer’s love for art, all creations show an extravaganza of dynamism and positive spirit, that pervades all its lines, from the most eccentric and luxurious to the ready-to-wear collections. This creed as well as the attention to the latest trends, technological advances, and artistic expressions are the driving force that has given Pisani Maura’s designer and artistic director Vittorio Cucci Ryan’s eccentric label the courage to release collections that are borderline work of arts. Each collection is a journey into an artistic style, with unique materials, hues and colour vibes. At the forefront of all its innovative drive an attempt to create elegant, timeless, modern, and classy looks. This attention to details and the uncanny ability to innovate and break the rules, mastering them, remaining true to the style, has made Pisani Maura the successful international brand that it is today. Each collection creates a new style. A style that is sexy, flashy, glamorous, versatile, and casual. Pisani Maura collections are fun, provocative and always luxurious, they help you create stylish everyday outfits and enhance your best features effortlessly, with an attention to craftsmanship that is rarely matched within the industry. The PISANI MAURA brand and lifestyle are a tribute to the passionate lovers of excellence. Elegant individualists who mold their innermost desires into reality, who make a daily promise to live their dreams. The cute and casual outfit ideas that are explored thus, will ensure everyone will look fantastic and feel comfortable for every stop on their journey, a journey that is as versatile and extreme as life itself. Like a magician the style proposed attempts to compliment everybody features perfectly. The result are rich, attention-grabbing clothes. Often composed of vibrant colours, prints, and exotic embroideries. Pisani Maura fashion style is characterized by exuberance, flamboyant clothes to make the unknown of everyone's personality known. After all the brand’s personality is reflected in their customers; eclectic, modern, passionate yet romantic. A High-end designer and fashion house, often involved in the making of exclusive custom-fitted garments for celebrities. An expensive fashion experience with beautiful and truly unique creations. A brand that also very clearly depicts its country of origin; Italy amongst their identity, evoking feelings amongst customers that Pisani products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. With such a strong and defined identity, the resulting relationship with its customers is highly personal, to a certain extent bespoke. When a customer looks in the mirror and sees Pisani Maura the brand is reflected back in themselves, the stereotypical consumer will feel authoritative, original and forward-thinking, much like the brand itself.


A dedication to the extraordinary, a devotion to beauty and a passion for rock and roll are the strong character traits that have compelled Vittorio Cucci Ryan to give rise to a brand notorious for both unbridled luxury and edgy style. Vittorio Ryan was born in Pisa, Italy in 1988 and educated in England and Italy.

His strong interest in art, architecture and foreign cultures was shaped early in life through the extensive travels, providing exposure as a child to the world’s most important museums and cultural exhibits. In 1998 he entered the world of design by helping his grandfather producing exclusive handbags in exotic and regular leather initially for family and friends, which soon became a full-time professional activity, demanding enough for Ryan to pause his acting career.

His involvement in leather craftsmanship led him to experiment with leather garments and accessories, and finally to launch his own fashion brand in 2014. The company continued to grow and two major milestones were reached in 2018 with the opening of the first flagship store in Monte Carlo and the first commercial showroom in Milan. As the young, affluent consumer continued to discover this fresh unconventional brand, Pisani Maura and its designer concentrated on creating a world class production network, thereby guaranteeing the unsurpassed level of luxury demanded by his discerning clientele. The market has applauded this insightful collection that combines young, rock and roll style with impeccable quality, and the world of PISANI MAURA is enjoying a phenomenal success today with corporate headquarters in Europe, North America and Asia and a strong rate of expansion.

Vittorio Ryan lives by his creed of breaking rules and barriers, doing the unexpected and shaking people out of their complacence, while never ignoring the main objective of having fun and enjoying life. According to the late Franca Sozzani, iconic editor in Chief of Vogue Italia,” Pisani Maura is unique because he has a unique taste for life. He doesn’t want to be a fashionista, he makes fashion because he loves elegance. This is a specific, special attitude because he is one of the few.”

PISANI MAURA events around the world, whether a local store opening or a major fashion show, are unforgettable experiences. An expert at identifying and interpreting international trends in culture, lifestyle and amusement, the designer uses this talent to develop spectacular and bold entertainment for his guests that include classical concerts, performances by international stars of the music world, parkour extravaganzas, giant roller coasters, futuristic skaters and fantasy neighborhoods with gigantic swing carousels and more. Fashion shows have taken place during Milan fashion week since 2010, and more recently during NY fashion week.

Another demonstration of Vittorio Ryan’s keen intuition regarding international trends is the brand’s continuing collaborations in the sports world, with a variety of teams and talents. From the Italian football club ACF Fiorentina to Formula One’s Antonio Giovinazzi, great Italian director Enzo Castellari, and other celebrities and actors, the likes of Franco Nero, and the famous pop singers Willie Chirino and Lisette Alvarez. Worth mentioning is the recently announced high profile agreement to dress and develop a capsule collection with boxing Heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury.


Pisani Maura is, a company whose roots go back for three generations, specialized in leather goods. My great great grandfather (Mario Pisani) initiated the legacy, he crafted unique pieces that celebrities and politicians craved for, reserving his services months in advance to have a bag, a pair of shoes or any other accessory that my ancestors made. Mario Pisani was regarded as the top artisan in Italy.

Mario met his wife in his atelier, this very beautiful lady entered to repair her shoes. He was so taken aback by her beauty that he repaired the shoes, but at the same time did something more.

When she returned, she asked him how much she owed him, and he said: " Would not be much if it wasn't for the fact that I threw your shoes away. I hope you do not mind. " Aghast she said

"I do not understand why would you throw them away? "

He replied " You are too beautiful for that kind of shoes. I did throw them away but made a new pair for you, a pair to match your beauty and it’s my gift to you.

Obviously to apologize for having thrown away your pair of shoes, you have to accept my invitation for dinner. And I take no demur!” And with a pair of shoes of beauty he found true love.

. Mario would say:

“I choose my clientele very selectively as creating something is a work of love, and a way to open oneself to others.”

An unorthodox way for an eclectic person, this is the Pisani Maura’s Way.

This gift has been passed on to me. And as I received it, I felt I should have asked permission to my grandfather, whose name was the same, Mario Pisani.

I decided to ask my grandpa his permission to make a business from this love.

My grand dad gave me the approval to expand provide I did it without losing the excellence and passion for our products that has been our trademark.

Our brand’s story, is it real? People Ask-It passed through the tides of time to me.

My ancestors passed down the lines of their legacy. Today Pisani Maura has stayed unorthodox and eclectic with the customer at the center. We specialize in leather and exotic skins. In the outskirts of Florence, we breathe art and passion for leather goods, we are environmentally sensitive using materials tanned through green or vegetal tanning processes. We use no toxic chemical; our glues are natural agents. Our material is all from certified breeders. Pisani Maura reminds you how sweet life can be, giving shape and accessibility to our customers’ dreams.

Pisani Maura. A style that Gains the love of Lisette Alvarez and Willy Chirino as well as the sport legend, Floyd Mayweather, passing through Hollywood with client such as Gerard Butler and Franco Nero. Pisani Maura’s story, our story is a “Love Story” our love for our designs and our client and their love for Pisani Maura.



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Art Director,

Fashion Designer


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Marketing Director


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