NFTs the new frontier to Collectibles and Limited Authenticated Edition

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are the new frontier to Collectibles and Limited Authenticated Edition


Still wondering about the future of digital fashion?

The latest internet-based collecting craze, NFTs are digital art or collectibles that are authenticated or “minted” using blockchain technology and then purchased using cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. A digital ledger, which anyone can access, tracks who owns a given NFT, and ensures that the NFT can’t be duplicated or tampered with. Owning an NFT does not mean you own the copyright to a given asset, but it does grant you authentication and therefore bragging rights. And NFT sales can be staggering: Last week, net artist Mike Winkelmann, who goes by Beeple, sold a single digital collage through Christie’s for a record breaking $69.3 million to the Singaporean cryto fund Metapurse.

The possibility to go into arbitrage with the apparel business is huge, even in the digital realm. Just a few weeks after our launch, some limited edition collectible Pisani Maura “shoes” are trading for around double their launch price. And unlike the traditional auction market, each time the NFT is resold, The creator receives a cut. This is a common practice in the market and makes NFTs even more enticing because on paper, creators can make money in perpetuity.

The company isn’t solely operating digital. Pisani Maura has hired two former employees of the venerated Italian shoemaker artisans workshop to fabricate real-world samples of its digital sneaker designs and will issue tangible versions produced by its factories to all NFT-holders. “We think that emotional bond to physical objects is still important and can increase the attachment” to the design, said Mr. Ryan. The tangible Pisani Maura sneakers will ship starting roughly two months after their digital twin, but Mr. Ryan said that for the company’s customers, these real shoes represent a less interesting side show to the digital release. In the weeks since the virtual shoes’ release, he has watched NFT holders giddily post about the designs on social media, all without ever touching a physical copy.


For now, NFTs are largely static objects—comparable to paintings hanging inside one’s home. Even in that framework, some NFT aficionados see potential for the fashion world. At Pisani Maura a site of clothing and culture website, we theorize that a fashion label like, ours, could mint a memorable runway moment and offer it for sale. This is comparable to NBA’s Top Shot , a highly lucrative marketplace where fans spend five- or even six-figures to own NFT clips of highlights such as a LeBron James dunk. We also imagined fashion houses selling NFTs of their most iconic designs. If you’re already a hoarder of Pisani’s signature Platinum Label or extremely fashionable logoed crystal encrusted tees, owning an uber-rare NFT-only version of these designs could be the cherry on top.

We must offer a reality check: Unlike basketball, fashion is “not that much of a fan business.” There aren’t millions of people streaming runway shows and there’s far fewer Clothing items collectors than LeBron fans. These facts limit the audience—and potential big-money returns—of luxury NFTs. When contacted about possible future applications of blockchain technology, several fashion brands including Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton did not comment or did not respond, we however felt it could have shown our followers how strictly connected Pisani Maura is to art.

The ability to offer an artistic context to clothing has been at the forefront of every Pisani creation. “The mere creation of clothing and accessories cannot suffice any longer”. “Isn’t this the best possible time to be alive?” We live in such a peculiar moment that things have detached themselves from their original meaning and value to take a dimension of their own.”

“Take watches for instance. Once upon a time a watch sole scope was to offer the correct time. It was a mere measuring tool which sole use was to measure time. Nowadays watches are bought for their artistic value. Early 90s saw the rise of complications that were moving the field into art. The pressure created by the quartz paved the way for a strong re affirmation of mechanical movements and offered new breathing ground for more complicated watches.”

We at Pisani Maura have entered the fashion business with the goal of taking art to a completely new level. If someone was so eager to wear a work of art like a watch why should he not be interested in wearing one that could engulf him? Defining his style is an effort that should take the whole person,  from head to toe.”

This time offers great opportunity for unique, revolutionary approaches to fashion and lifestyle. A brand like Pisani Maura could not hope for anything better. Another reason to explore a totally new realm.

Push invention.

Breed creativity

Uncover new playgrounds.

That alone is worth the effort.

NFTs are Ethereum plated all matching outfits, shoes, handbags and more, so much more than only imagination can put a limit to it.

 A simple yet luxurious bomber jacket with a tight fitted Maxi skit.

Something inspired by the opulence of the 80's and 90's rappers, who experienced a spurt of success, wealth, diamond chains, grills, complete luxury.

Outfits that represent the height of crypto luxury and exuberance, but, with a spunk, badass twist. It is for the bold. It is for the daring. Now anyone to seek style.

Or on the contrary how to show eternal love if not with a ring that seals love on the Crypto Universe, as much as the earhtly one?

We opened pandoras box of a new creativity realm and a whole lot of new paradigms are up for grab and adoption.





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