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The Beginnings

Pisani Maura is, a company whose roots go back for three generations, specialized in leather goods. My great great grandfather (Mario Pisani) initiated the legacy, he crafted unique pieces that celebrities and politicians craved for, reserving his services months in advance to have a bag, a pair of shoes or any other accessory that my ancestors made. Mario Pisani was regarded as the top artisan in Italy. Mario met his wife in his atelier, this very beautiful lady entered to repair her shoes. He was so taken aback by her beauty that he repaired the shoes, but at the same time did something more. When she returned, she asked him how much she owed him, and he said: " Would not be much if it wasn't for the fact that I threw your shoes away. I hope you do not mind. " Aghast she said "I do not understand why would you throw them away? " He replied " You are too beautiful for that kind of shoes. I did throw them away but made a new pair for you, a pair to match your beauty and it’s my gift to you. Obviously to apologize for having thrown away your pair of shoes, you have to accept my invitation for dinner. And I take no demur!” And with a pair of shoes of beauty he found true love. . Mario would say: “I choose my clientele very selectively as creating something is a work of love, and a way to open oneself to others.” An unorthodox way for an eclectic person, this is the Pisani Maura’s Way. This gift has been passed on to me. And as I received it, I felt I should have asked permission to my grandfather, whose name was the same, Mario Pisani. I decided to ask my grandpa his permission to make a business from this love. My grand dad gave me the approval to expand provide I did it without losing the excellence and passion for our products that has been our trademark. Our brand’s story, is it real? People Ask-It passed through the tides of time to me. My ancestors passed down the lines of their legacy. Today Pisani Maura has stayed unorthodox and eclectic with the customer at the center. We specialize in leather and exotic skins. In the outskirts of Florence, we breathe art and passion for leather goods, we are environmentally sensitive using materials tanned through green or vegetal tanning processes. We use no toxic chemical; our glues are natural agents. Our material is all from certified breeders. Pisani Maura reminds you how sweet life can be, giving shape and accessibility to our customers’ dreams. Pisani Maura. A style that Gains the love of Lisette Alvarez and Willy Chirino as well as the sport legend, Floyd Mayweather, passing through Hollywood with client such as Gerard Butler and Franco Nero. Pisani Maura’s story, our story is a “Love Story” our love for our designs and our client and their love for Pisani Maura.
Vittorio Cucci Ryan
Meet The Team

About Store

With no background in the fashion industry whatsoever and no desire to pretend that he does, Pisani Maura was not immediately welcomed in the fashion world, and still is the rebellious child of the industry.

As a true outsider, Pisani Maura strongly belief is that the only sin is to become boring – and in a world of understated luxury dominated by heritage brands, all that was needed was a luxury rebel. Too often recognised brands have paid way too much respect to their heritage leaving little to no ground to innovation.

Maybe it is because of the presence of new media, maybe it is because of the new fashion-aware generation wanting to transcend the rules and to write their own story – whatever the reason, people are asking for more! And just like Pisani’s aficionados do not pretend to appreciate understated fashion, the maison itself talks the talk.

Pisani Maura certainly enjoys the success, along with the hypes it generates. A path that has led the brand to generate a massive outset of contents, collaborating with celebrities and successful sportsman to advertise their lines.

Pisani Maura's artistic director also stands behind the principle of simply meeting customer demand. “I’m designing to please people from all walks of life,” he says. “I’m designing for the people. I have to bring out their uniqueness and style.” By acting this way, he is positioning himself as a true free spirit taking advantage of a world that is too busy to criticizing him.

Iconic in fashion, the Italian house Pisani Maura has been a symbol of modern luxury for the future generations. Their designs and effortless sensibility of composition is the ultimate statement of social stature.

The unique blend of fashion authority and superior craftsmanship forms an integral part of the Pisani name and make it one of the world’s most desirable luxury brands. Its mission to attain a harmonious blend of form, design and composition is evidenced by the iconic Platinum Label line for women. The refined allure of the creations is enhanced by the minimalist aesthetics demonstrating their creative and technical expertise in threads for example. The brand works closely with the finest artisans, goldsmiths and suppliers to obtain full synergy between all aspects that make a garment into a bespoke status symbol.

Contact Us

Ultimate Luxury Group LLC

3501 Jack Northrop Ave. Suite #AUG051
Hawthorne, California, 90250
United States
+1 323 536 1176

Ultimate Luxury Group LLC
Rastenfeld 151 Suite #AUG051
Rastenfeld, 3532

Ultimate Luxury Group LLC
Via Santa Maria 58
Pisa, 56126

Email: info@pisanimaura.com

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